The Umarex Walther P99 is a spring-loaded compact pistol that     

Umarex walther p99

comes with a silencer, an extra large backstrap, an extra clip, 400 blue .12 gram plastic bbs, and 400 .12 gram plastic nightglowbbs. It fires at 300 FPS and each clip takes 16 rounds just like the real Walther P99. The extra large backstrap leaves a space between the handle and it, but makes bigger hands more comfortable. In addition the backstrap and handle features bumps and indents as grips. The slide, handle, slide catch, clip release, and silencer feature effective, but very comfortable grips. The silencer really does silence the pistol a little bit and directs the sound forward instead of outward. The Umarex Walther P99 is real size and is entirely black except for the inside and the orange cap. The barrel is entirely threaded so that the silencer can be screwed on with the utmost ease. The trigger, clip release, slide catch, and safety switch is made out of real metal while the rest of the gun is made out of plastic. The weapon features Walther trademarks on it including insignias, model names, real gun patent number, licenses, and warnings. The caliber is, also, featured. The handle features grooves and curves for perfect finger grips and additional bumps make two hands just as comfortable. The clip release is ambidextrous as it is on both sides of the bottom of the trigger guard. The trigger guard is large. A double sight is at the rear while a single sight is at the front. The silencer overshadows the front sight, though. When cocked a red loading indicator will be seen at the rear of the gun. Cocking tilts the barrwl up slightly just like a real P99. When out of ammo the slide will automatically catch. The internal mecanism and clip is somewhat transparent. The Umarex Walther P99 is, overall, a small, lightweight, strong sidearm.

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