Post: Hello there! Assuming there is still anyone who reads these posts, I would like to propose what I think is an entertaining idea: Airsoft is a great, fun sport, but some friends and I decided it would be even more fun with some achievements, just like the ones in videogames,but all related to airsoft. There are not a lot of them on the internet, so I figured I would post some and maybe you could add your own ideas! Here are mine, hope you enjoy and post yours:

- Head On! [Engage the enemy in a direct line of fire] - No Man Left Behind [Revive a downed teammate] - Beginners Luck [Kill an enemy with much more experience than you.]

- Et tu, Brute? [Knife a teammate]

- NutShot [Shoot someone in the nuts] - Tacticool [Have 5+ attachments on your primary] - The Last Samurai [Get gunned down while attempting to melee] - John Rambo [Play an entire match firing from the hip] - Dramatic Exit [Act out a dramatic death when shot] - Arrow to the knee [Shoot an enemy in the leg] - Weapon of Minor Damage [Get only one kill during a match] - Pacifist [Get no kills in a round] - Patience [Not a single shot fired in a round] - Martyr [Died while charging a heavily defended position] - Conservative [Play a round using only one magazine] - Self Defense [Shoot an enemy who was shooting at you] - Gladiator [Arrange and win a Knifefight] - Knife to a Gunfight [Get your first Melee kill] - You Only Live Twice [Die two times in a match] - Hands up! [Surrender an enemy] - Ninja [Play a match with melee weapons only] - How does this thing work again? [Place a Scope under the weapon] - Sidekick [Play a match with only your secondary and get at least 2 kills] - Crouch Shot [Kill 5 enemies while Crouching] - Prone Shot [Kill 5 enemies while prone] - Double Down [Get a 2 person Multikill] - Just Dance! [Shoot an enemy's legs] - Double Agent [Hit a teammate] - Frag Out [Get a kill with a grenade] - Reloaded [Get a kill with the first bullet you fire in a match] - Vulture [ Pick up a dead partner's weapon and get a kill] - One man Army [Get 5 kills without dying] - Nice and Precise [Kill three enemies with three shots in one round.] - Berserker [ Get a double kill using melee weapons] - War Hero [Survive for a whole day without dying]

Feel free to share your own ideas!

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